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About Us

Let us help you the best way we know how

Our passion led us to where we are today, and it all started with one retail location in Plano, TX. We have expanded our company to cater to our clients in the DFW area and beyond. We now have the best technicians and staff in DFW that can assist with any IT solution you made need from repairs to recycling.


  • Buy back solutions for both small and large organizations
  • Data Destruction guaranteed
  • Apple Repair Certified in both computers and mobile devices
  • Microsoft Windows and PC computer repair
  • Samsung and other mobile phone repairs
  • Cracked and broken screens
  • Data recovery

Our Advantages

Any Place
Any Device
Any Day
Many Options

Who we Serve

K-12 Schools
We can work with any school to set up buy back and repair programs to make sure your students always have what they need succeed,
Small business
No matter the size every company has technology that helps them run. Let us work with you to make sure its always working and get good returns when you are ready to upgrade.
Large Companies
Don't let old IT assets collect dust. We will work with you to get that old equipment sold off and out of your way.
Colleges and Universities
We know how important technology is for any educational institution. We will work with you to make sure you get a return on old equipment and can help with complicated repairs on your current devices.
Have a couple old devices sitting around? let us help you recycle those responsibly and safely. we can also help with any repairs you may need.
Government agencies
We can work with you to destroy sensitive data, and recycle devices is a responsible manner. WE can handle any IT equipment you may have.

All Computer & Tablet Services

We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems

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Our team is ready to help you with whatever needs you may have. contact us now and we will work with you on a customized plan for you

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